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Why StayGreen?

Experienced Contractors.

For over 25 years, StayGreen Irrigation has been delivering trustworthy and skilled irrigation services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are dedicated to not only meeting, but surpassing the expectations of our customers. Our approach to customer service, which is tailored to each individual’s needs, sets us apart from other service providers. Our commitment to dependable year-round service and maintenance ensures that you receive the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

The StayGreen Advantage

At StayGreen, we take pride in being an efficient and organized contractor that is fully dedicated to serving our clients. We understand the importance of providing our customers with all the necessary resources to make informed decisions, which is why we conduct thorough evaluations of soil conditions, water sources, and planting materials. Our team also ensures minimal disruption to existing foliage during installation, and we have the expertise to complete the job in less than a day. Rest assured that when you choose StayGreen, you can expect top quality service from our skilled professionals. 

Rain Bird Select Contractor

For over 70 years, Rain Bird has been the global leader in manufacturing top-quality irrigation products. Rain Bird products and professional irrigation contractors have collaborated to provide the industry with cost-effective and dependable irrigation systems. Opting for an irrigation contractor who utilizes Rain Bird’s professional series products is the most effective way to guarantee that the job will be done right.