Innovative Sprinklers To Make The Neighbors Green With Envy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Remember the old days where your dad would walk out in his black socks up to his knees, put the sprinkler down and then spend hours trying to rotate it in just the right way to reach all the hedges? Funny for us, yes, a waste of time for previous generations, yes. Underground and aboveground sprinklers have come a long way over the past couple of years. No longer running in and out to shift the water spray, there is an abundance of new sprinkler systems to make your neighbors green with envy about your awesomely green landscaping.

The Hunter MPR 40

Sound pretty impressive? It is. It isn’t just in the name; this rotary nozzle works to reduce any water waste through spinning streams of watering instead of the old way of misting. What that creates is a larger area of watering and less evaporation before it can reach the roots directly, which is key. The best part about these types of nozzles is that they operate at low water pressure and are maintenance free, keeping a constant stream that reduces debris build-up.

The P2-R Mini Bird

It may not sound very mighty, but names can be deceiving. This little nozzle head can reach areas more specifically and with more might. They also do so using very little water or water pressure. A stand-alone sprinkler, there is no need for any highfalutin systems. It is a sprinkler that can be set to take care of those fragile beds that are so difficult to maintain. Amazingly, it can operate at low water pressures even at 15 psi, yet can reach as many as 30 feet of area.

The Rain Bird Rotary Nozzle

An entire line of rotary nozzle heads, the rain bird, attaches to any underground sprinkler system you have in place. They use as much as 60 percent less than others in the industry, while still operating with as little as 20 psi. Fully adjustable, they are also customizable to use different spraying patterns for more concentrated watering.

Just a few of the new advances, sprinkler systems are becoming more high-tech, requiring less water pressure, reducing your water bill by conserving water, and keeping lawns green all without any effort on your part. No more black socks, water in the face, or wasting time moving that sprinkler around, they are revolutionizing water irrigation. StayGreen Irrigation are professionals that have all the latest and greatest lawn irrigation and lawn sprinklers to make your neighbors envious, and your dad, as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]