LNK WiFi Module. Simplifying things shouldn’t be hard.

Simplifying things shouldn’t be hard. With StayGreen’s new LNK WiFi Module, making quick work of watering your lawn is as easy as connecting your app to your sprinkler system.

Our module is fully Alexa enabled so that you can multitask at will. The module works with our mobile app that gives you real-time updates about the conditions on your lawn or in your garden.

This popular module works with our residential and light commercial sprinkler systems. Whether you’ve got acres of lawn, hand-grown gardens or just a few water-hungry plants in a difficult-to-water spot, this module has got you covered.

Give your plants the water and attention they need while devoting your time to what really matters. Leave yourself time to actually enjoy your garden and lawn with this module. The app measures conditions for you, saving you both time and water.

Experience the ease of automated watering. Skip the long walks through the lawn early in the morning and late at night. You can achieve the same level of perfection using our patented system, which will tell you when you need to water.

Even if you don’t want to leave the measuring up to the machines, you can skip the trip out to the pump and turn your sprinklers on via the app. Put your systems on automatic or measure it by hand each time. The system is adjustable and works with you either way.

With our app, you can eyeball the water amount and save yourself a trip in the scorching heat. Or leave the measuring to our system and water on demand, even if you’re out of the country on vacation. The module works from anywhere in the world.

Take the guesswork and effort out of watering your lawn today with the LNK WiFi Module.