Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repair Services

You’ve made the investment to install a sprinkler system. Now it’s time to protect that investment and receive the most value from it. All too often, people who own a sprinkler system fail to realize the benefits a properly maintained system will provide. Let StayGreen Irrigation give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your system is properly adjusted, checked for leaks and running on a proper watering schedule specifically for your soil conditions.

Make every drop count with a professionally maintained irrigation system. Make your dollars count by choosing our most cost effective service program – a one year Service Maintenance Plan. This plan consists of the following:

  • Spring “Start-Up” with complete system check and adjustments.
  • Summer system check, adjust and readjust watering schedule for summer months.
  • Fall “Blow-Out” of system to prevent any winter damage.
  • Complete evaluation form, with notes and recommendations, left after each visit.
  • 15% discount on any parts used for repair replacements or system upgrades.*
  • Most service calls done within 24 hours.
  • Our unconditional satisfaction guarantee.
  • Service maintenance plans start as low as $129.95 for a full year program.**

*any repair work or materials needed will be performed only after your authorization and/or on a time and materials basis.
**pricing may vary according to amount of zones per system.

Professional, Knowledgeable Service

Whether you choose our yearly Service Maintenance Plan or need a single visit for an adjustment or repair of our underground sprinkler system, StayGreen Irrigation will provide this service in a professional, courteous manner with knowledgeable, friendly irrigation specialists. We provide service unmatched by any company in the irrigation industry, so why hesitate?

System Installations

An irrigation system’s planning and design is critical to its success; that’s why StayGreen professionally plans and custom designs a system specifically fit for your landscape leaving you with the lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

Tired of wasting time and money? Have you ever considered an automatic underground sprinkler system? StayGreen Irrigation installs all types of irrigation systems. We offer the best warranty in the business. We have the best products, pricing and service available. See our installation process.

Installing a sprinkler system will pay for itself just in money you save on water conservation. When watering by hand, almost 50% of the water is lost due to runoff and evaporation. Some customers may obtain a second water meter for irrigation to avoid paying sewer fees on water used in your yard. In times of watering bans or restrictions, sprinkler systems can be programmed to run late at night or early in the morning when water evaporation is the lowest. We can also schedule odd/even watering.

A system installed by StayGreen Irrigation will evenly water your lawn and plants, in sufficient quantity but without over-watering, using all possible means to ensure control. We will propose the most suitable technical solutions to provide the best value for your money. Our teams of installers will install a system of pipes underground in the turf areas, with minimal disruption to your lawn. Flower beds and gardens are dug by hand to minimize damage to the existing plant materials.

StayGreen Irrigation is furnished with the most modern equipment as well as a professional and knowledgeable staff. Because of this, no installation is too large, too small or too complex. You can be assured your job will be handled by professionals from design to final adjustments.


It is critical that the installation process is done correctly the first time. Not all companies know how to properly install a water conserving sprinkler system.


Calling Dig Safe is the law! Dig Safe will come out and mark all underground utilities to prevent us from damaging utilities or personal injury. 1-800-DIG-SAFE


The system is designed in the yard with the homeowner, salesman, and foreman of the crew. Flags mark the location of the heads and the homeowner is then walked through the job to ensure there are no surprises.


After the yard is measured and approved, all the pipes are installed. The licensed plumber will install the inside and outside copper valves and back flow preventer in compliance with all the state codes.


As the pipes are pulled underground some of the crew digs holes for the sprinkler heads. The valve boxes that house the valves are also dug at this time.


The heads are installed with care. They are installed flush with the grade of the loam below the turf. Heads are pre-adjusted and backfilled; when backfilling we make sure wherever we dig is cleaned up to the way it was or better.


The valves are located in the mulch beds. We make sure we put these boxes in spots that are inconspicuous and out of obvious view. Once the valves are connected and tested they are wired. The wiring is low voltage and no permit or electrician is needed.


The timer is the brain of the system. Without a good timer the system can’t save you money or our natural resources. We usually install the timer in the garage. Most importantly, we install the timer where it is convenient for you to monitor and adjust.


The rain sensor is very important. Not all companies think so, that’s why you see sprinkler systems on in the rain. We require all the systems we install to have a functioning and accurate rain sensor.


Clean up is what the customer will notice the most. Since most of what we do is underground, some customers only care about how their yard looks when we are done. We make the yard look as good as the system performs. We rake, tamp, sweep and clean up as if it was a separate job we were hired to do.


Once the system is charged and checked for leaks, we begin adjustments. We attend to each head to make sure it is not leaking and that it is adjusted perfectly. The timer is adjusted to the season. The season dictates the duration and frequency of the watering.


This is where you come in. You will need a lesson on the basics of your new system. The timer has instructions with it, but we will walk you through it the first time and we are only a phone call awayfor any questions. We then walk through the yard and show you how to adjust the heads and explain the rest of the system’s components.

Your system is complete — ENJOY! — Show it off to your friends and family. Have your friends call us for a system and we will give you a referral credit on your next invoice.