StayGreen Irrigation takes pride in announcing that we have the best warranty in the business*. We offer a complete warranty on all products we install for a total of five years. We have gone above and beyond the manufacturer warranty and made all Rain Bird products we install five full years.

There are certain restrictions and not limited to the following:

  • StayGreen employees must be the only individuals to do any work on your system.
  • All new systems are required to have a spring start-up and a fall winterization service done by StayGreen.
  • Plow damage to sprinkler heads is not covered under this warranty.
  • Aeration of the lawn is covered, the pipes will be deep enough to aerate but the heads and valve boxes must be marked to avoid them.
  • On occasion a sprinkler head will stick in the up position. This is not a defect; dirt or sand may have caused this. If the head is mowed off while in the up position, it is not under warranty.
  • Minor leakage around the heads will not be covered unless the seals have been determined ineffective.
  • Power surges through the system will not be covered for it is no fault of StayGreen’s or Rain Bird’s.
  • Acts of nature are just that and will not be under warranty.
  • Human damage or vandalism will not be covered and will be billed separately.

The warranty information above has some examples of exclusions. The warranty on the entire system will remain in effect as long as the services are provided by StayGreen for the first five years. All payments to StayGreen must also be made within reason or we reserve the right to void the warranty on that system.

*Best warranty in the business is to our knowledge. Comparing our warranty to competitors in the surrounding areas as well as from information provided by our product suppliers.

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