What To Do When Your Sprinkler Has Sprung A Leak!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is nothing more time saving, or awesome than having a sprinkler system. Although not always a cheap endeavor, once you have one installed, you need not worry about your lawn. Literally, you can just sit back in your lawn chair and watch the water go by. Never having to be concerned whether you need to grab a hose, it is one of the best maintenance-free upgrades you can invest in. Not many back draws, sometimes, there can be minor issues with them that can cause major headaches for homeowners.

The thing that makes home sprinkler systems so incredible are the very things that make them so ominous when something goes wrong. You can’t see them, which is the whole point, and when they are leaking, often the only heads up you get is when one has sprung a massive leak. Not only can it involve a gusher flooding a particular area of your garden or lawn, but there are also times when they can leak silently. If you have to pay for your water service, there is nothing worse than getting a bill for twice the water usage not knowing that something has been awry until it is too late.

When you do find an underground sprinkler has sprung a leak, there are many ways to troubleshoot. The first step is to shut the water supply off altogether. The first place to target a leak is going to be either at the spring heads themselves or the connections and feed lines. Often a leak is nothing more than a shattered spring head, which can easily be replaced. Your first course should be to clean and inspect each sprinkler head individually. If they have all been checked sufficiently, then moving onto cleaning the valves is your next course.

If you still can’t find the cause of the leak, then it may be hidden underground, which is a much more ominous problem. If you had someone install it, and they are still reachable, it would behoove you to give them a call for a maintenance repair. Being the professionals who dug them in the ground, they are going to have the map about where connects and contacts are. If not, it may be worth a service call. Irrigation specialists will have the tools necessary not to have to rip up your landscaping on a leak expedition.

Wonderful when working properly, calling a professional to fix a sprung leak may be a good idea to save you from a whole lot of destruction and time. StayGreen Irrigation are the best professionals in the industry to solve your lawn irrigation and lawn sprinklers issues. A reputation that precedes itself, they can build you the maintenance-free lawn of your dreams.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]